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Available by Appointment Only.  Please call for Series, Package and Current Specials.


The sense of touch is one of the first senses that we experience when we are born. Massage is a very healing art that can benefit everyone.




Usage of various techniques aimed to relax the body and mind.  Otherwise known as a Circulatory massage, our Swedish includes hot towel wraps for your feet and face.

60 minutes  $100

90 minutes  $130


Deep Tissue Massage

Targeted to address deep muscles and facilitate healing, this includes sports massage and focused therapeutic techniques.

45 minutes  $90

60 minutes  $145

90 minutes  $190

120 minutes  $220


Hot Stone Massage

Bringing in the element of Earth, warm basalt stones and oils are used with long, soothing strokes to help melt away any knots or tightness.

60 minutes  $100

90 minutes  $140


Aromatherapy Massage

The sense of smell is a very powerful tool in helping relax, rejuvenate and heal. Indulge in the therapy of aromas with our 100% pure essential oils as they are rubbed and absorbed into your skin to help alleviate discomfort and induce a sense of peace.

60 minutes  $110

90 minutes  $140


Nuad Boran

Commonly known as Thai Massage, this clothed treatment utilizes a combination of acupressure, assisted yoga postures and reflexology aimed to clear energy blockages, relieve tension and increase flexibility.

90 minutes  $150

120 minutes  $190


Signature Massage

Our most popular massage incorporates techniques from all of the above modalities designed for a complete sense of deep relaxation, healing and bliss.

60 minutes  $150

90 minutes  $200


BioEnergy Treatments

Bioenergy medicine is focused muscle stimulation with differential modalities to facilitate muscle release and fatigue to regain tissue plasticity.  With this method, a multitude of diseases and health challenges can be alleviated simply by taking advantage of the human body’s reliance on electricity for its nervous system. Bioenergy treatments allow the body to heal itself by guiding it and allowing for better blood and energy flow. 

30 minutes  $60

60 minutes  $150




Cupping  $15

Reiki  $20 / 10 minutes

Kinesio- taping   $5 / area

Outcalls within 15 miles of downtown SJ   -$50

Outcalls more than 15 miles of downtown SJ - $75



Corporate Massage

Drawing on my personal experience of working in Corporate America for 16 years, I am all too familiar with the physical hazards and discomfort of working in front of a computer for hours at a time.  These massages are targeted to help relieve those areas quickly and effectively on-site at your place of business.

Please call for more information and pricing.

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