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The Reviews Are In...

"April Joy gave me my first massage ever.  I'm happy it was her, because my friend had a massage (somewhere else) and her experience was so bad, she never wants one again.  April Joy made me feel very comfortable and was very professional and kind.  I was also the most relaxed I have ever been in my life.  I'm going to convince my friend to see April Joy, maybe her mind will change.  I'm coming back every few weeks, I think I am an addict for her massages."  - Taylor

"Great therapist who knows her stuff!"  -  Stacy

"I come back time and time again. April Joy always provides a great, deep tissue massage and seems to find those spots that really need to be worked. I can come in stressed and feel fully relaxed afterward (yes, even with a deep tissue). I would not be able to function well in my daily weight training if I did not have this done on a regular basis."   -  Kristy

"I have been to many massage therapists in the Bay Area, and I am so grateful to have found April Joy.  She is a gem- I came across her information by happenstance at a coffee shop.  My co-worker met up with me on his day off and brought his sister with him.  She had just gotten an "excellent" deep tissue massage and was absolutely raving about this therapist.  I asked what Dr's office this therapist worked out of (thinking that I would know since I had been to almost every one of them), and she said that she works privately in her own studio in downtown San Jose.  She gave me April Joy's number and I called her that night. Two weeks later, I was on April Joy's table, completely melting with relaxation.  She was attacking all of my problem areas with precision, care and efficiency.  I was impressed with how well she was able to help my body release with her different deep tissue techniques- some of which I have never experienced, even with rolfing.  It was the perfect combination of discomfort and ease.  I am happy to announce that I have found the best massage therapist for me!

It's no wonder that she is always booked.  I'm now partially to blame since I now have recurring appointments every week- with no end date.  When you do get an appointment with this awesome therapist, it will be a great day for you!"   - David

"You will be hard pressed to find another body worker as good as April Joy. Why she does what she does is what facilitates her fantastic work. Purpose is important in soft tissue work. She knows her purpose and gets results. It doesn't matter if you are having gentle, relaxing work done, or kick your ass, get the knots out work done; bottom line, April Joy Rodriguez is the best." Shawn

"Super! Super! AprilJoy is amazing, knowledgeable and extremely talented.I am so happy I was recommended to you.  - Guy

"It was a first visit and April Joy and I were learning what was good for me. I am very much looking forward to my next visit!!  April is Joy and is very considerate and competent." Carmen

"The deep tissue massage I receive every other week from April Joy is essential to my physical health. She knows exactly how to relieve the knots and tightness I experience from my rigorous weight training. She is the best I have ever experienced and highly recommend her services." K.W.

"My friend was raving about this acupuncture student that come over and did some "feng shui" on her house.  It was so beyond me at the time, and I laughed and made fun of her.  I was very cynical about it and told her it was a waste of time and money. A few weeks later, I went over to her house and it was such a different energy that it stopped me dead in my tracks as soon as I walked in.  I had been there thousands of times before and it never felt like this.  I felt so much pure joy and peace and love when I was in her home.  I felt very emotional in a good way, something that I hadn't felt in many years.  I looked at my friend, and she said, "It feels different in here, doesn't it?"  All I could do was nod.  My friend said nothing else and handed me April Joy's card.

I went home that night after a great dinner and company and I was still buzzing from the good vibes that filled her house.  I wondered, "Can I have that here too?"  The next day, I called April Joy, still somewhat skeptical but now hopeful.

April Joy is a lovely lady that is highly professional, caring and attentive. Her bright smile and cheerful eyes made me comfortable immediately. She was able to explain how feng shui works in a way that didn't make it sound so woo-woo.  There were some things that I have never done before, but with April Joy's help, I was able to be more open minded and participate in all the things we did.  I became very excited to "remedy" each room and see what happens.  By the end of her visit, I felt like I had returned to the simple joys of being a young boy.  It sounds strange, but just go with it.

Flash forward to 2 weeks later: Let me tell you, my home feels incredible.  It almost feels like a cloud was lifted and everything seems more bright inside.  I sleep better at night and always look forward to coming home every day, just to be in the positive energy.  It was weird that there was such a shift so fast, but I welcome it.

I decided to give her massage services a try, and again, she did NOT disappoint!  She's got some seriously strong hands!  I was able to find relief from a knot that seems to have been growing for years in my shoulder.  It's not completely gone, but it's on its way out after seeing April Joy just a few times.  I was a little sore, but it went away after a day, and I knew it was going to happen because she was very informative about the recovery process.  I've never said this or even believed in this stuff before, but I think April Joy is a fantastic healer person.  I have been and will continue to visit her regularly!  Give April Joy a try, you won't be disappointed!" - Glen

"Being a Lightworker myself, it has been difficult for me to find someone that can help me with clearing my energy.  I am fortunate to have crossed paths with April Joy.  She has helped me remove blocks that I have not been able to do myself for many years.  Her loving energy is strong, and this is important for those who work with energy.  I highly recommend having several sessions, also just to be in her aura field will put you in a good mood.  Blessings!" Decland

"Very, VERY good therapeutic massage.  The best one I have ever received in my life." Andii

"Sometimes I'm a chatterbox.  Sometimes I'm silent.  AprilJoy knows just how to flow without having to interrogate me and she delivers exactly what I need with her energy and massage technique." Monica

"I was trying to do everything that I could to get on a positive vibe, and I tried so many things.  It wasn't until I met April Joy that I was finally able to move and clear out some old stuff.  Her reiki and theta sessions were just the relief that I was looking for after all these years.  I am a fan and a definite return customer!  Thank you, April Joy!" James

"I was blown away! I am a competitive athlete, I train hard every day. I have a massage regularly and have always been looking for that perfect mix of deep tissue and just a tiny bit of relaxation, they don't often go together, it's usually one or the other. April Joy had to work hard, but my muscles submitted, and started relaxing, and as they did, I did. I am actually switching from my regular therapist (whom I still think is fantastic) over to April Joy. I think being an athlete herself, she is able to better understand the unique needs of athletes, and is able to utilize several modalities to ensure they receive the thorough attention needed to enable them to function at their best. " Kristy

"April Joy is very professional, nice and friendly. I had a wonderful experience and even booked my next appointment. I highly recommend her." Gracie

"When I first met April Joy, I was in a tough spot emotionally. I instantly vibed with her. She knows instantly where my problem areas are without me really even showing her. When she massages me it's not just a physical act of love, it's also an emotional love that I feel. Thank you April Joy, your energy is infectious!" Sabrina

"Thorough, professional, skilled, careful attention to detail." R.

"April Joy has amazing intuition and understands my athletic body, My performance improves significantly following the Deep tissue massage. Most definitely the best massage I've ever had." Sharon

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